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Mala Paklenica Canyon

Mala Paklenica canyon is known for its “wilderness” and intact nature. The Canyon is significantly smaller than Velika Paklenica and the stream that runs through the Canyon is much smaller too. In its upper flow, the Mala Paklenica stream is permanent but in the lower flow the torrent is occasional - present only during the winter. The Mala Paklenica and Velika Paklenica streams are the only permanent water sources on southern slopes of the Velebit Mountain. In its total length, from the source, all the way to the sea, Mala Paklenica is 12,5 km long.

The left bank tributary of the Mala Paklenica stream, called the Orljača, is also a torrent-flow that dries out in summer. In the more humid part of the year when water runs down the gorge, the Canyon is impassable.

Eight kilometers downstream from its spring, Mala Paklenica has shaped a canyon with cliffs that reach up to 300 meters in height. In its narrowest part, Mala Paklenica canyon is only 10 m wide.

In order to preserve the wilderness of the Mala Paklenica canyon and especially the endangered bird species, rock climbing activities are not allowed in this canyon.

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