Paklenica Film Festival





XIII Paklenica Film Festival
Paklenica National Park, May 1st, 2020

Paklenica Film Festival will be held for the 13th year in a row during the XXI International Climbers Meeting. The Festival will present amateur films with climbing as the main theme (up to 15 min long).

The prize will be awarded in one category:
1.    Audience award
Award for the best film will be provided by the organizer and sponsors.

The films must be submitted until April 24th, 2020 to the following address:

Javna Ustanova Nacionalni park Paklenica
(for Paklenica Film Festival)
Dr. Franje Tuđmana 14a
HR - 23244 Starigrad - Paklenica



1. Off Belay - Siniša Mataić (animirani film)
2. Canada - Ivan Vitez  
3. Mix Martial Art - Walter Sachatonicsek

VII Paklenica Film Festival 2014 Results:
1. Norway 2013. - Dino Šimek
2. Fast anchor clipping session - Jurica i Perica Levatić
3. Hunza Matata - Alex Marchesseau
4. Buoux 2013. - Jurica Levatić
5. Paklenica - Walter Sachatonicsek

VI Paklenica Film Festival 2013 Results:
1. BLOK - David Koljnrekaj
2. Maroko 2012. - Sunčica Hraščanec
3. BWSC 2012. - Vedran Vračar
4. Auf den Spuren der Mönche (Meteora 2013.) - Walter Sachatonicsek